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Psychology is an incredibly important field to modern society. There are mental disorders and issues that need to be addressed in modern society and often the only effective way to do that is to see a psychologist. Luckily, there are skilled psychologists all over the place. Amongst them is Michael A Civin, who has spent his life being educated and trained as a psychologist, when he was not actively practicing psychology.

Michael A Civin is not a new face in the crowd of the psychological community in New York City. Rather, he is an old hand, a veteran with years of experience. A great deal of clients have come to Michael A Civin over the years and a great many still do. Psychology is not a field where just anyone can excel—it is not an innate ability within someone that simply has to be exercised. Instead, it is a highly cerebral subject that must be learned. Becoming a psychologist requires devoting a great deal of time and effort into eventually being able to practice. Michael A Civin has done all of the above in order to get to the top of his field.

Michael A Civin obtained his A.B. in 1968 from Harvard College, where he graduated cum laude. He would next choose to attend Albert Einstein College of Medicine for a year. But he switched to the University of Oregon following that, obtaining his Masters of Arts degree in 1970. In 1986, Michael A Civin graduated from the Gordon F. Derner Institution of Advanced Psychological Studies, at Adelphi University, with another Masters of Arts degree. He obtained his Ph.D. from the same institution only two years later. Michael A Civin pursued and obtained his Postdoctoral Certificate in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy too, obtaining this in 1993.

Michael A Civin runs a private practice in New York City, which serves clients in Astoria, Bayville, and Manhattan. This private practice has been in operation since 2007. Additionally, Michael A Civin is the co-founder of Rose Hill Psychological Services, which is a company that was founded in 2008.

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